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DAF Health Care Fabrics
Mattress and Support Surfaces
    DAF Antibacterial Laminated Mattress Ticking – reinforced PVC
    DAF DAF TPE - PVC-Free Coated Nylon
    DAF Shield – nylon with a rubber backed coating
    DAF Royal Touch – PVC coated 70D nylon
    DAF TPU –thermo-plastic polyurethane coated nylon
    DAF Breathable Fabrics – polyurethane coated nylon
    DAF SuppleKnit – low shear polyurethane coated polyester stretch knit
Pillow Fabrics:
    DAF AB Ultra-Soft – non-woven backed PVC film
    DAF Breathable – polyurethane coated nylon
Cushion and Seating:
    DAF Pique Knit
    DAF Air Circulating Knit – polyester knit
    DAF 6300 – PVC coated 600x300 polyester
    DAF No Slip – vinyl coated polyester knit
    DAF Spacer-Mesh - 3mm - 5mm - 7mm
Protective Carts, Tray Covers, Shower and Privacy Curtains
    DAF CoverFab – laminated PVC with reinforced polyester
    DAF Dip Coated CoverMesh – PVC coated 1000 denier polyester