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DAFLITE cover films incorporate the highest quality materials into extremely light weight fabrics used as flame-retarded moisture barrier fabrics in the thermal and acoustic insulation installed in commercial and military aircraft, ships, and other applications that require protection from harsh environments. The table below shows typical materials that are used in these films, and the construction can be manipulated to provide a product that meets your company’s specific requirements.


Barrier Films

Typical Gauge

Fabric Types

Typical Weights

Adhesive Types*


0.2 – 1.0 mil


0.2 – 3.5 oz/yd²



0.2 – 1.0 mil


0.12 – 1.5 oz/yd²



0.5 – 2.0 mil


0.5 – 7 oz/yd²



0.2 – 2.0 mil

Non-woven, Papers, ceramic

0.5 – 10 oz/yd²

Polyamide, EVA

  • All adhesive types can be supplied in flame-retarded versions to meet various industry specifications.


Current Products:

DAFLITE 25-7L:  A metalized PVF film with nylon scrim reinforcement and flame-  retardant adhesive designed to meet the flammability requirements of BMS8-377 and FAR 25.856(a).

DAFLITE 25-7 LNMA PVF film with a lightweight nylon reinforcement scrim that meets aircraft specifications, including FAR 25.856(a) flammability requirements.  Can be supplied with gray and black topcoat colors, or uncoated.

DAFLITE 53-5:  A reinforced polyester film using a lightweight nylon scrim and flame-retarded, heat sealable adhesive designed to meet military aircraft insulation requirements.

DAFLITE 53-6:  A polyester-based laminate incorporating a lightweight fiberglass fabric and flame-retardant adhesive system typically used in marine and aerospace insulation applications.

DAFLITE 20-7:  A metalized polyester laminate with a lightweight nylon reinforcement fabric and flame-retardant adhesive system that meets aircraft specifications.

DAFLITE 27-6A:  A top-coated polyimide film reinforced with a lightweight nylon scrim that meets aircraft specifications and FAR 25.856(a) flammability requirements.

DAFLITE 35-7MPA metalized Peek-based laminate with a lightweight nylon reinforcement fabric and flame-retardant adhesive with a gloss-reducing flame-retardant topcoat used in aerospace insulation.

DAFLITE 435-BTPA metalized Peek-based laminate with a lightweight nylon reinforcement fabric, a flame barrier coating, flame-retardant adhesive, and a low-gloss, flame-retardant topcoat used in aerospace insulation.


DAFLITE® products can be manufactured to be:

  • Extremely light in weight, as low as 0.65 ounce/yd² (22 gsm)
  • Self-extinguishing and meeting the most stringent flammability standards.
  • Used as flame barriers when incorporating ceramic or fiberglass components.
  • Lightweight, reinforced moisture barriers for use in agriculture and building applications.
  • Environmentally safe when combined with recyclable and/or compostable substrates.
  • Provide in widths up to 72” wide by 2, 500 yards per roll.

Our process and design capabilities can be used to tailor a product using many other materials that your company may require.  Contact DAF for questions or design ideas.