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Industrial Fabrics
DAF 10-11 MIL-TARP is a tough, high-strength laminated tarp and cover fabric made with 10.5 oz vinyl laminate to a polyester scrim with a taffeta embossing.  The standard colors are dark green and white.  Standard widths are 54” and 72”.
DAF 13-6N Transportation Cover  is a flexible, waterproof and durable PVC film laminated to a soft non-woven polyester fabric.  This two ply fabric is used as an economical cover to protect from the elements while preventing scratches.  Standard color is white.  Standard width is 57”.
DAF 32 FlexiDoor is specifically designed and engineered for high speed roll-up doors.  This 32 oz vinyl laminated with a high strength polyester fabric offers superior tensil and tear properties.  This flame resistant fabric comes with a smooth finish.  Standard color is dark blue,  Standard width is 62”.
DAF Coated Mesh is a PVC coated polyester woven mesh fabric that is non-toxic, smooth and abrasion resistant.  It is oil proof, water proof, and ultra-violet radiation proof, making it ideal for outdoor use.  It is available in widths up to 84”.  The standard width is 72”.
Imported Custom Fabricated Items – DAF outsources (in China) fabricating for our manufacturing customers.  Items in their product line can be fabricated at a cost savings to free up their manufacturing facilities for new, more profitable custom items.  Our most popular items are cushions and bags.